Tracking increases success

Get your macros

Track your food

Measure ketones, glucose and insulin load

Learn how to start and maintain an optimal keto lifestyle

Watch Patricia Daly’s Keto for Beginners series of videos


Browse our recipes, or add your own

Get a daily dose of tips and encouragement


Many more features…

Submit requests to add new foods/products

Mobile app for logging anywhere and anytime

Geared towards a ketogenic and low carb lifestyle. 800+ keto recipes

Easy and fast data entry

More than 200,000 food records, including 7,000 real foods from the USDA

Top 100 keto foods, with macro and micronutrient nutrition facts

Add and log your favourite recipes

Cutting edge design

Barcode scanning for packaged goods

Monitor your electrolyte intake (potassium, sodium and magnesium)

An online coaching site allows your practitioner to monitor you if required

Senza FAQs

If you don’t find an answer to a particular question, please contact us on Thanks!

Senza’s founders are on a mission to help people learn and sustain keto as a way to achieve their health goals. We believe food is medicine, and we want to empower people with the right tools and information to help them succeed.

At the moment, Patricia’s Senza is exclusive to members of This means that you will not ony have access to the app but also a comprehensive library of resources, a community to ask questions and fresh content on a monthly basis.

  • Choose your membership plan (Essential or Advanced)
  • Get a launch code to set up your Senza account
  • Download from Google Play or the iTunes store
  • Patricia Daly will connect with you and begin sharing the Keto for Beginners program once you’ve installed the app.

Most food apps make the user do the work. Senza puts the user first.

  • Track your food in a way that’s specific to keto- by macros and micronutrients
  • Store ketones, glucose, GKI and insulin load
  • Learn about essential keto foods and strategies for success
  • Get daily food and recipe tips to keep the keto lifestyle fresh

Senza provides visual tutorials and human support to help you get the most out of this app. It is designed so that you have all the essential keto tools in one place. It can take a few days to get familiar with all the capabilities, but we’ve designed the app so that it’s efficient to use over the long term.

Senza is available for iOS (iPhone only) and Android smart phones. We do not have versions for iPad or web/desktop at this time.

If your fitness tracker is compatible with Apple Health, Senza can import the active calories, so you’ll see this data alongside your nutrition in the Senza Trends view.

You can estimate the amounts of foods you consume, but the most accurate way to track is to use a scale for the first couple of weeks.

Users can use enter their weight in kilograms or pounds, and food/recipe servings are provided in grams whenever available.

Senza provides technical support via support messages and email if needed. We try to respond to questions as quickly as possible, usually within 1 business day.

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